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Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine

The clinicopathologic characters and activity survey of sudden death of infants in a depressed economy: south-eastern Nigeria experience

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Author Details : Ndubuka GIN, Ekezie J, Ngwogu KO, Nkuma-Udah KI, Okafor W

Volume : 3, Issue : 3, Year : 2016

Article Page : 201-208

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Sudden death of infant (SDI) is among the clinical conditions called sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) referred to as death situation in which all clinical causative factors play apparent and hideous roles within an hour of unexpected death of infant within one year of age. To ascertain SDI at Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH), a 6 year study of all infants’ death cases in record books were searched and two types of questionnaires added. Medical officers and hospital staff involved in infant healthcare were 343, and 1400 mothers contacted were of age ranges 18-40 years. Causes of SDI were respiratory failure 107, RTA 4, circulatory failure 25, alimentary distress 103, trauma and domestic accident 10, and cardiac failure 70 cases. Highest Frequency of occurrence in the years was observed in 1999 and gave 104. Commonest clinical characters were anemic heart failure, child neglect and abuse, drug toxicity, heamorrhage, and vagal inhibition. The rapidity at which SDI occurred in 25% of 107 respiratory failures was within 10 seconds to 5 minutes, and to 232 cases was within 24 minutes of hospitalization. Common clinical symptoms were mild to high fever, intermittent coughing and vomiting, malnourished body, respiratory distress, and apnea while 77% full term birth cases had body weight of 2100 to 2500g. Child neglect and abandonment were evident in 49% mothers of lean economies. SDI peak was from 5th to 8th months, at which periods 112 female and 168 male infants were wean to death by 280 mothers. Yearly highest incidence of SDI is 1999.

Sudden Death, Infant, Clinicopathologic Characters, Depressed Economy.

How to cite : Gin N, Ekezie J, Ngwogu Ko, Nkuma-udah Ki, Okafor W, The clinicopathologic characters and activity survey of sudden death of infants in a depressed economy: south-eastern Nigeria experience. Indian J Forensic Community Med 2016;3(3):201-208

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