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Clinico-etiological profile of patients presenting with hemoptysis diagnosed by fiber optic bronchoscopy - A study done in tertiary care centre of central Karnataka

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Author Details: Kushal Bondade,Eti Ajit*,Hemanth K. Kulkarni,Antonio L. Dacosta,Mario Pinto

Volume : 3

Issue : 4

Online ISSN : 2581-4222

Print ISSN : 2581-4214

Article First Page : 188

Article End Page : 192


Introduction: Hemoptysis is a common complaint among patients attending chest clinics. Clinical profile and etiology may vary depending upon patient population studied. Fiber optic bronchoscopy (FOB) is a useful diagnostic tool in such cases to establish accurate diagnosis.

  1. To study the clinical and etiological profile of patients presenting with hemoptysis at our tertiary care centre.
  2. To define the diagnostic yield of FOB in these patients.

Materials and Methods: Institutional based observational prospective study was conducted on 60 patients who presented with hemoptysis to the department of pulmonary medicine at our tertiary care centre. All patients underwent FOB after thorough clinical, radiological and laboratory evaluation.
Results: Mean age of the patients studied was 43.93 ± 13.20 yrs, predominant were male 38(63.3%). Sputum production in 42 patients (70%) was the most common associated symptom followed by dyspnea 34(56.7%) and fever 20(33.3%). On FOB, congestion of the endobronchial lumen was seen in 44 (73.3%), ectasia in 16 (26.6%), bleeding site was localized in 30 (50%) patients. Broncho alveolar lavage (BAL) was positive for Acid fast bacilli in 12 (20%), bacterial culture in 6 (10%) and fungal elements in 2 (3.33%) patients. Endobronchial biopsy (EBB) diagnosed lung malignancy in 10(16.7%) patients.
Conclusion: Bronchiectasis was the most common cause of hemopytsis followed by pulmonary tuberculosis. FOB resulted in diagnosis of three-fourths of the patients analysed in our study with a positive yield of 76.6%.

Keywords: Hemoptysis, Etiological profile, Fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FOB).

Doi No:-10.18231/2581-4222.2018.0046