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Indian Journal of Microbiology Research

Table of Contents

Year-2016 | Volume: 3 | Issue 1

Online since Thursday ,31 March 2016

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1) Evaluation of Transient Microbial Flora on Biometric System as a Potential Source of Infection in Tertiary Care Hospitals

Author : Nancy Suhag, Arti Jain, Navinchandra M. Kaore

Doi :   Page No : 1-4

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2) Biosurfactant: Types, Detection Methods, Importance and Applications

Author : Nikhil Shah, Rohit Nikam, Shikha Gaikwad, Vaijayanti Sapre, Jaspal Kaur

Doi :   Page No : 5-10

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3) Comparative Study of Dry Cord Care Versus Application of 4% Chlorhexidine on Umbilical Cord in Newborns

Author : Irfan, Farooq, Subhannaya K

Doi :   Page No : 11-13

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5) Bacteriological Profile of Urinary Tract Infections in Pregnant Women

Author : Mamatha P Samaga

Doi :   Page No : 17-21

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7) A Study on Analysis of the Sputum Gram Staining and Culture in Patients with Lower Respiratory Tract Infections Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital

Author : Nithya Chinnnusamy, Vijayalaksmi Arumugam, Dillirani Vedachalam

Doi :   Page No : 24-26

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9) Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Salmonella Typhi in a Stand Alone Lab in Central Madhya Pradesh

Author : Ranjana Hawaldar, Sadhna Sodani, Hemlata Bhilware

Doi :   Page No : 31-36

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10) Aerobic Bacteriological Profile from Wound Site Infections in Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Patients

Author : Mythri B.A, Asha B. Patil, Arati K., Sharon V.A

Doi :   Page No : 37-39

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11) Microbial Burden Evaluation of Conventional Cotton Gowns to Disposable Plastic Gowns: A Comparative Study at a Tertiary Hospital

Author : Lavanya Jagdish, Mita D Wadekar, Manoj Jais, Ravi Kumar Gupta

Doi :   Page No : 40-43

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13) Prevalence of intestinal parasites and urinary pathogens among prison inmates in central jail of Bhopal (MP)

Author : Deol Amit, Tripathi Kiran, Nema Shashwati

Doi :   Page No : 47-52

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15) Cross sectional analysis of aerobic bacteria and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern among orthopedic wound infections at a tertiary care hospital in Karnataka

Author : Trupti B. Naik, Mita D. Wadekar, Amruthkishan Upadhya, Vijaykumar Mane

Doi :   Page No : 58-64

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16) A study on the prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) isolates from various clinical samples in a tertiary care hospital

Author : Vijayalakshmi. Arumugam, Dillirani. Vedachalam, Malathi. Murugesan, Ananthakrishnan. Parthasarathy

Doi :   Page No : 65-68

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17) A Study of Superficial Mycoses with its Clinical Correlation at GMERS Medical College & Hospital Valsad, Gujarat

Author : Hiral K Patel, Parimal H Patel, Alka B Nerurkar

Doi :   Page No : 69-73

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18) Prevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen among Patients Attending a Rural Teaching Hospital at Puducherry

Author : Balamurugan R, Gopal R, Saleem M, Kaviraj M, Sunil S. Shivekar, Mangaiyarkarasi T

Doi :   Page No : 74-76

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19) Speciation of Enterococcal Isolates in a Tertiary Care Hospital and Molecular Characterisation of Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE)

Author : Dineshraj Ravi, Vasanthi Rompicherla, Gowthami Govindan, Priyadarshini Shanmugam

Doi :   Page No : 77-81

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