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Indian Journal of Microbiology Research

Table of Contents

Year-2016 | Volume: 3 | Issue 3

Online since Monday ,12 September 2016

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1) Antifungal susceptibility pattern of Candida species isolated from suspected cases of tuberculosis

Author : Sharadadevi Mannur Y, Anusuya Devi D, Nagaraj ER

Doi :   Page No : 219-223

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4) Microbiological study of otitis media

Author : Akshantha B. Sangannavar, Sumangala B., Khalid Ahmed, Sahana Shetty NS

Doi :   Page No : 236-240

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5) A hospital based survey for rickettsioses in Shimoga, Karnataka using the Weil-Felix test

Author : Amruthkishan K. Upadhya, Trupti B. Naik, Swarooprani NB, Mita D. Wadekar, Lavanya J

Doi :   Page No : 241-244

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6) Aerobic bacteriological profile with antibiogram of pus isolates

Author : Asmabegaum Biradar, Faisal Farooqui, Ravichandra Prakash, Sayeda Yasmeen Khaqri, Ifran Itagi

Doi :   Page No : 245-249

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7) Evaluation of blood culture and serum procalcitonin for diagnosis of septicaemia in paediatric patients

Author : Dipmala Das, Nitin Barua, JN Sharma

Doi :   Page No : 250-254

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8) A study on extended spectrum β lactamase & metallo β lactamase producing bacteria from drinking water sources in and around Kelambakkam

Author : Danish Vijay Devaraj, Jayanthi Sivasubramaniyan, Shameem Banu AS

Doi :   Page No : 255-261

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9) Prevalence of hand hygiene awareness among medical and dental students in a teaching hospital

Author : Lavanya Jagdish, Trupti B. Naik, Ravi Kumar Gupta, Amruth Kishan Upadhya

Doi :   Page No : 262-265

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10) Screening for HBV, HCV, HIV, HSV and Syphilis in reproductive age group women attending a tertiary care hospital in South India

Author : Malathi Murugesan, Vijayalakshmi Arumugam, Sowmya AV, Nithya Gomatheeswari

Doi :   Page No : 266-269

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12) Prevalence and antibiogram of pseudomonas aeruginosa and acinetobacter baumannii in the clinical samples from tertiary care hospital

Author : Sundaram Mohan, Khaja Mohiddin Shaik, Anandi Vishwanathan

Doi :   Page No : 275-278

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13) Antiretroviral therapy- Changing patterns of CD4 levels in HIV positive individuals: An over view

Author : Naga Sri Latha Bathala, M. Bharathi, M. Sasidhar

Doi :   Page No : 279-286

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14) ESBL producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa in clinical specimens: Is it a scary nightmare or paper tiger?

Author : Nithyalakshmi J, Vidhyarani R, Mohanakrishnan K, Sumathi G

Doi :   Page No : 287-291

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15) Dermatophytoses; epidemiology and distribution among urban and sub urban population

Author : Priyanka Shukla, Shadma Yaqoob, Fareya Haider, Vaibhav Shukla

Doi :   Page No : 292-298

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16) Evaluation of multiple antibiotic resistance (MAR) index and Doxycycline susceptibility of Acinetobacter species among inpatients

Author : Raminder Sandhu, Shalley Dahiya, Pallavi Sayal

Doi :   Page No : 299-304

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17) Antibiotic Effect of Tigecycline on Gram Negative Bacilli

Author : Sahana Shetty NS, Sumangala B, Mamatha P Samaga, Akshantha B. Sangannavar

Doi :   Page No : 305-307

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18) Emergence of Colistin Resistant Gram Negative Bacilli, in a Tertiary Care Rural Hospital from Western India

Author : Satyajeet Krishnarao Pawar, Geeta Satish Karande, Ravindra Vasantrao Shinde, Vaishali Satyajeet Pawa

Doi :   Page No : 308-313

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19) Disease severity & its Importance in selecting cost effective measures for Dengue management

Author : Sunil Santaji Shivekar, Anand Shankarao Patil, Gopal Rangasamy

Doi :   Page No : 314-316

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21) Different Methods of Staining to optimize Smear Microscopy for Diagnosis of Pulmonary and Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Author : Unnati D. Rathod, Ameeta Joshi, Saroj Turbadkar, Nilma Hirani, Abbhay Chawdhary

Doi :   Page No : 322-328

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22) Resident microbial flora amongst nursing staff as a source of nosocomial infection

Author : Veena Maheshwari, NavinChandra M. Kaore, Vijay Kumar Ramnani, Rajesh Shah

Doi :   Page No : 329-332

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23) Prevalence of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase amongst clinical specimens at a tertiary care hospital, Valsad

Author : Drashti M Shah, Alka B. Nerurkar

Doi :   Page No : 333-338

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24) HIV co-infection among Pulmonary Tuberculosis infected persons in and around District of Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Author : Vijayalakshmi T, Nithyalakshmi J, Sumathi G, Selvaraj Stephen

Doi :   Page No : 339-341

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