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IP Journal of Nutrition, Metabolism and Health Science

Anthropometric and nutritional profile of hospitalized diabetic eye disease patients

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Article Type : Research Article

Author Details: Parmeet Kaur*,Veena Pandey

Volume : 2

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : XXXX


Article First Page : 43

Article End Page : 50


Objective: To assess anthropometric status and compare the nutritional intake of hospitalized diabetic eye disease (DED) patients with their recommended daily dietary requirements.
Design: A Cross sectional study.
Setting: The study was conducted, in the Ophthalmic sciences Centre of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.
Subjects: 62 adult patients hospitalized with type 1 or 2 diabetes > 20 years of age, on diabetes medication and/or basic insulin regimens were enrolled in the study.
Interventions: Anthropometric measurements were done by standardized methods. Nutritional needs were determined by applying Mifflin St Joer predictive equations, multiplying by a combined stress and activity factor of 1.3.
Results: DED patients were found to be obese. Analysis of dietary data indicate a significant difference (p < 0> Conclusions: Findings of the present study will be useful in planning nutritional care process (NCP) and ultimately providing safe and quality medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for improving clinical outcome of hospitalized DED patients.

Keywords: Diabetic eye disease, Anthropometry, Nutritional intake.

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