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Identifying knowledge gaps about health and nutrition among rural pregnant mothers from 2 districts of Gujarat

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Author Details: Hemangini Gandhi*,Mousami Shah

Volume : 2

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : XXXX


Article First Page : 51

Article End Page : 57


Introduction: Encouraging healthy life style and dietary practices creates an impact not only on the child’s long-term health, but potentially the mother’s as well.
Objectives: The study was planned to assess the Knowledge about various aspects of Maternal and Child health to plan appropriate counseling material.
Materials and Methods: After informed consent, 100 pregnant women from 4 PHCS of Vadodara rural block and fifty from 1 PHC of Anklav block of Anand District were enrolled for the study. Information on knowledge regarding various aspects of health ad nutrition was elicited using pretested semi structure questionnaire.
Findings: It was found that only half of the pregnant women knew about the concept of healthy diet in both the groups. Knowledge about the correct weight gain during pregnancy was better in mothers from Anand (74%) as compared to 47% in Mothers from Vadodara. Ninety percent of pregnant women in Anand group had correct knowledge of giving colostrum to new born as compared to 71% in Vadodara group. Knowledge about anemia and contraceptive methods was also not satisfactory in both the group of pregnant mothers.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that knowledge regarding various aspects of health and nutrition requires frequent reinforcement using different strategies for sustainable development related to maternal and child health under various government programmes.

Keywords: Knowledge, Anemia, Colostrum, Pregnant mothers.

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