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Evaluation of risk factors predisposing to complications after mandibular third molar surgery

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Author Details: Arjun Bharat, Rubina Gupta, Akanksha Singh, Richa Aggarwal

Volume : 3

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2395-499X

Print ISSN : 2395-4914

Article First Page : 97

Article End Page : 104


Aim: The aims of the study is to assess the risk factors like age, gender, smoking etc. which predispose to complications in mandibular third molar surgery.
Materials and Method: Sixty two patients were selected for mandibular third molar extraction. The tooth was extracted using Ward’s and modified ward’s incision. The duration of the procedure was recorded. The parameters measured post-operatively included Pain, Swelling, Trismus, Infection, Nerve Injury and Dry socket. They were compared on the basis of Age, Gender, Smoking habit, Angulation of roots, type of Impaction etc.
Result: No significant effect of age was seen on the pain, swelling or trismus. Though, pain was recorded more in female patients, the male patients reported with higher swelling and trismus. All the parameters were high for the smoker group. The duration of the surgery was higher in less experienced surgeons.
Conclusion: Within the limitations of the study, it was concluded that Human factors like age, sex, smoking habit of the patient and expertise of the surgeon have a great role in the degree of complications which occur after third molar surgery. Anatomical risk factors i.e. the angulation of third molar, root form and proximity of the third molar root apex to the inferior alveolar nerve determines the difficulty in third molar extraction.

Third Molar Impaction, Complications, Smoking, Age, Gender

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