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IP International Journal of Ocular Oncology and Oculoplasty

Table of Contents

Year-2016 | Volume: 2 | Issue 4

Online since Thursday ,02 March 2017

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1) Progress in Journey of IJOOO

Author : Rajendra P. Maurya

Doi :   Page No : 218

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2) Ptosis Surgery: Complications that might happen

Author : Abdullah Al-Mujaini, Kashinatha Shenoy, Upender Wali

Doi :   Page No : 219-221

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3) Chemotherapy for Retinoblastoma

Author : Rajarathna Thangavel, Hakan Demirci

Doi :   Page No : 222-226

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4) Ocular findings in population latino-mestiza of patients with renal carcinoma: first report

Author : Daniel Moreno-Páramo, Victor Enrique Corona-Montes, Marco Antonio Rayón-Rodríguez, Jonathan Alonso R

Doi :   Page No : 227-231

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5) Analysis of cosmetic and functional outcomes of cutler-beard procedure used for large upper eyelid defects

Author : Apjit Kaur, Ajay Kumar Arya, MM Goel

Doi :   Page No : 232-235

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6) LPS recession in permanent 7th nerve palsy to protect cornea

Author : Mohammed Ather, Kesava Rao, MR Flarence, T. Sai Shreya, Raheel Raza

Doi :   Page No : 236-239

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7) Eye lid trauma and their management

Author : Aparajita Chaudhary, SP Singh, Mimansa Agasti, BK Singh

Doi :   Page No : 240-243

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8) Overview of recurrence in ocular tumors in a developing country scenario

Author : Priyanka Gupta, Ramesh Chandra Gupta

Doi :   Page No : 244-247

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9) Relationship of socio-cultural practices to orbital cysticercosis

Author : Sayeed K, Kaur A

Doi :   Page No : 248-250

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10) Ocular manifestations and treatment outcome of allergic fungal pan sinusitis

Author : Sharanabasamma M, Vaibhav K

Doi :   Page No : 251-254

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11) A rare case of isolated pyomyositis of superior rectus in a young woman

Author : Neha Singh, Jolly Rohatgi, Upreet Dhaliwal, Shubhank Khare, Manisha

Doi :   Page No : 255-257

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12) Transient inverse bells Phenomenon following frontalis sling surgery

Author : Dhivya Ashok Kumar, Amar Agarwal

Doi :   Page No : 258-259

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13) Mesectodermal Leiomyoma of Ciliary body in a young female

Author : Ruminder Kaur, Mahesh P. Shanmugam, Rajesh R, Divyansh K. Mishra

Doi :   Page No : 260-262

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14) Clinical manifestations of rosai dorfman syndrome – A case report

Author : Chinmayee JT, Kritika Chopra, Dayananda S. Biligi, Sri Ganesh

Doi :   Page No : 263-264

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15) Unilateral intra-orbital pseudo tumor in infant- a rare entity with review of literature

Author : Manoj Kumari, Ajay Arya, Aalok Kumar

Doi :   Page No : 265-267

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16) An unusual presentation of traumatic optic neuropathy

Author : Jayagayathri R., Priyadarshini R, Dayakar Yadalla, Jayashree B

Doi :   Page No : 268-269

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17) Pigmented Bowen’s disease of bulbar conjunctiva: A case report

Author : Manoj Vasudevan, Chidambharam Choccalingam, Rajesh Kanna, Vijayshree Raghavan

Doi :   Page No : 270-271

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18) Apocrine adenocarcinoma arising in the Gland of Moll – a brief clinico-pathological case report

Author : Debanshu Bhattacharya, Saptagirish Rambhatla, Jayaram Iyengar, Samrat Bordoloi

Doi :   Page No : 272-273

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