International Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Analysis

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Year-2016 | Volume: 3 | Issue 2

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1) Development of Quality Control Method for Dissolution Analysis of Tapentadol and paracetamolin tablet

Author : Krishna R Gupta, Kiran N. Kale

Doi :   Page No : 56-65

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2) Comparison of oral Midazolam with Ketamine versus oral Midazolam as a premedication in children

Author : Sonal S. Khatavkar, Trupti P. Deshpande, Sameer Zayed, Manoj Zingraji Misal, Pranita Kate

Doi :   Page No : 66-72

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3) Development and Validation of Stability Indicating HPTLC Method for Estimation of Rizatriptan Benzoate in Bulk and Tablet Dosage Form

Author : Pritam S. Jain, Harshal P. Chaudhari, Sanjay J. Surana

Doi :   Page No : 73-79

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4) Pharmacokinetic evaluation of ritonavir crystallo co-agglomerates in rat module

Author : Santosh V. Gandhi, Rasika R. Korhale, Swati U. Kolhe

Doi :   Page No : 80-83

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5) Simultaneous estimation of beclomethasone dipropionate and salbutamol sulphate in capsules by chemometric assisted UV-spectrophotometric method

Author : Santosh V. Gandhi, Akshay R. Pahade, Abhijeet S. Sutar, Bandudas S. Kuchekar, Shreeyash R. Tapale

Doi :   Page No : 84-89

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6) Validated spectrophotometric method for simultaneous estimation of rosuvastatin calcium and aspirin in tablet dosage forms

Author : Gandla Kumaraswamy, Repeudi Lalitha, K. Vijayaprakash

Doi :   Page No : 90-98

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7) Method development and validation for estimation of rufinamide in tablet dosage forms by RP-HPLC

Author : Gandla Kumaraswamy, Repudi Lalitha, K. Vijaypraksh

Doi :   Page No : 99-103

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