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Assessment of attitude towards cohabitation among college students in selected institutes of people’s university, Bhopal (M.P): A descriptive study

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Author Details: Manisha Gupta*,Arti Pawar,Ankit Patel,Yashika Naraian,Pratiksha Mishra

Volume : 1

Issue : 2

Online ISSN : 2582-4031

Print ISSN : 2582-4023

Article First Page : 44

Article End Page : 47


Cohabitation is an aspect of life that is quickly becoming relevant to the vast majority of Americans. As the census data shows, this is only going to increase in coming years, whereas marriage was the ideal in the past, romantic cohabitation has become a substitution for some, and a trial period for others.1 The aim of the study is assess the attitude toward cohabitation among college students in selected Institutes of People’s University. A non-experimental descriptive survey research design was adopted. 100 college students were selected through purposive sampling technique. The instrument used for the study was self-structured questionnaire. The findings showed Majority of 89(89%) college students were in the age of 20-22 years, 69(69%) are female 85 (85%) were belong to Hindus, 50 (50%) were belonged to Joint family, 49 (49%) had a monthly family income above Rs. 30,000/- and above and the most of college students have received the information regarding cohabitation 47 (47%) from mass media. The overall attitude of the college students revealed that 48% had favorable attitude & 36% had neutral & 15% had unfavorable attitude. The relationship of attitude with selected demographic variables was determined by using Chi square test. The Chi square value is significant when compared to the table value P< 0>socio demographic variables was found with age of the students, total monthly income of family, gender, religion, type of family, and source of information.

Keywords: Cohabitation, College student, Attitude.

Doi No:-10.18231