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Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology

Study of BECKMAN COULTER LH 750 CPD parameters in subclinical Vitamin B12 deficiency

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Author Details : Ranjana Hawaldar, Sadhna Sodani

Volume : 3, Issue : 4, Year : 2016

Article Page : 704-709

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Introduction: Vit B12 deficiency causes macrocytic anemia and the early features of vitamin B12 deficiency in a peripheral blood smear is the presence of macrocytic RBCs and hyper segmented neutrophils and a raised MCV >99 fl. Subclinical deficiency is more prevalent in the population and timely diagnosis of vit B12 deficiency in such patients is of paramount importance so that timely treatment is initiated before overt clinical symptoms become evident and irreversible. The present study was undertaken to evaluate whether the Beckman coulter VCS parameters MoV –DW (monocyte anisocytosis) and NeV-DW (neutrophil anisocytosis) can predict Vitamin B12 deficiency in subclinical cases.
Materials and Methods: A total of 200 patients both male and female were included in the study. They were divided in to <20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 and more than 80 years age group. WHO criteria for anemia (Hb <12g/dl in women and Hb<13g/dl in men) was followed. The efficacy of hematological parameters and   research data (Mean volume of neutrophils and monocytes) and their distribution width were used to detected presence of vit B12 deficiency.
Results: A total of 200 patient’s data was used for this purpose. Out of 200 patients 87 (43.5%) were females and 113 (56%) were males. Male to female ratio was 1.29:1. Normal MoV-DW (8.71)NeV - DW (6.89)LyV - DW (5.86) was taken as cut off. It was observed that 50 (25%) patients had normal or near normal Hb concentration but had severe Vit B12 deficiency below 200 pg/ml. Out of these, 43 patients (86%) had MoV-DW > cut off and 40 patients had NeV-DW > cut off, 28(56%) patients had LyV-DW > cut off.
Conclusion: No single ideal marker exists for vitB12 deficiency especially in subclinical conditions. However we can say that monocyte & neutrophil anisocytosis (MoV-DW and NeV-DW) are associated with vit B12 deficiency and can be used to predict vit B12 deficiency in subclinical cases. Making use of research VCS parameters from Beckman Coulter LH750 along with complete blood count at a reasonable cost, subclinical vitB12 deficiency can be determined.

LH 750, VCS, CPD, NeV-DW, MoV-DW, LyV-DW

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