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The Journal of Community Health Management

Conservative management of peri-apical cementoblastoma: A case report

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Case Report

Author Details : Fahad Quadri*, Saara Khiyani, Sana Quadri, Pallavi Bhailume, Vidya Patil

Volume : 6, Issue : 4, Year : 2019

Article Page : 136-138

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The case report describes the diagnosis and endodontic treatment of tooth followed by surgical management by apicoectomy as an effective measure for the treatment of cementoblastoma. This case report presents treatment other than extraction of tooth diagnosed with cementoblastoma A 33 year’s old female patient presented dull aching pain in the lower right back region of the jaw. On clinical mild attrition and tenderness were seen with 45 on palpation bony expansion was observed in the vestibule area of 45 & 46. The pulp vitality test gave no response with 45 and delayed responses with 46. Radiographically dense cemental thickening was seen with 45 and hyper-sclerosis of bone in the periapical region on 46. CBCT (cone beam computer tomography) evaluation revealed buccal bone expansion and buccal cortical bone resorption with 45. Apicoectomy was performed after 6-months of endodontic management of 45. The histological evaluation confirmed the diagnosis of cementoblastoma. Clinical radiograph after 6 & 10 months suggested periapical healing with the absence of signs and symptoms. However, the patient must be kept on follow up for the possibility of recurrence of this lesion. The importance of these findings demonstrated that the treatment of cementoblastoma may be conservative with the maintenance of the affected teeth.

Keywords: Dental cementum

Doi : 10.18231/j.jchm.2019.027

How to cite : Quadri F, Khiyani S, Quadri S, Bhailume P, Patil V, Conservative management of peri-apical cementoblastoma: A case report. J Community Health Manag 2019;6(4):136-138

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