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Journal of Dental Specialities

Comparative effect of Herbal and Carbopol formulated dentifrices on established gingivitis

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Author Details : Nikita Gupta, Anamika Sharma, Rohan Chaudhary

Volume : 5, Issue : 1, Year : 2017

Article Page : 31-35

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Introduction: Bacteria in dental plaque are one of the main etiological factors causing periodontal disease. Gingivitis is common and non-specific inflammatory reaction to a complex indigenous micro-biota. Supra-gingival plaque control is an effective method of controlling gingivitis and the most widely practiced form of oral hygiene is tooth brushing with a dentifrice. Carbopol dentifrice has added properties like mucoadhesion and polymeric mineral surface active agents like carbomers making it superior to other dentifrices for controlling gingivitis.
Purpose: To evaluate and compare the effectiveness of Herbal dentifrice and Carbopol formulated dentifrice in subjects with established gingivitis.
Materials and Method: 30 subjects with chronic marginal gingivitis were selected and randomly divided into 2 groups. Group 1 received Carbopol formulated dentifrice. Group 2 received Herbal dentifrice. Subjects were asked to use the allocated dentifrice, two times a day, for 42 days. Values of Simplified oral hygiene index, Plaque index, Gingival index, and Sulcular bleeding index were assessed at baseline, after 21 and at 42 days. Data was analyzed by Student’s t-test (α = 0.05).
Results: Oral hygiene (tooth brushing with dentifrices for 42 days) led to a significant decrease in plaque accumulation by 13% in group 1 and 8% in group 2. Simplified oral hygiene index showed improvement by 23% in group 1 and 10% in groups 2, Gingival sulcus bleeding showed reduction by 62% in group 1 and 24% in group 2 and gingival inflammation decreased by 14% in group 1 and 9% in group 2. Outcome of various indices in Carbopol formulated group (Gp1) showed a significant improvement in all the parameters (P < 0.05), except sulcular bleeding index from baseline to 42 days as compared to the Herbal test group (Gp2).
Conclusion: Continuous use of Carbopol formulated dentifrice provided significant improvement of oral hygiene level in patients with established gingivitis.

Dental plaque, Gingivitis, Herbal, Carbopol formulated, Dentifrice

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