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Panacea Journal of Medical Sciences

Table of Contents

Year-2016 | Volume: 6 | Issue 2

Online since Saturday ,24 September 2016

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1) Mind Maps and Medical Education

Author : Nilofer Mujawar

Doi :   Page No : 52-53

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2) Auditory rehabilitation of cochlear implant recipients: A review

Author : Abhoya Kumar Kar, Uma Patnaik, Ruchika Mittal

Doi :   Page No : 54-56

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3) Menstrual blood banking

Author : Amrapali M Gajbhiye

Doi :   Page No : 57-58

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4) Clinico-laboratory Profile of Hypothyroidism with Emphasis on Cardiovascular Manifestations

Author : Vairamanikandan, P Sathyamurthy, M Rajkumar, Vaasanthi

Doi :   Page No : 59-65

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5) Frequency of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus using Diabetes in pregnancy study group of India (DIPSI) Method

Author : Preksha Jain, Savita Somalwar, Sulabha Joshi

Doi :   Page No : 66-68

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7) Depression: An epidemiological correlate of diabetes mellitus

Author : Mohan Pandurang Joshi, Ausvi M Samina

Doi :   Page No : 74-78

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8) Perceptions of Blood Donation amongst the Youth

Author : Anne Wilkinson, Rishabh S. Gupta

Doi :   Page No : 79-82

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9) Anosmia in Elderly: Predictor of Cognitive Impairment

Author : Gaurav Kumar Yadav, Madhuri Sunil Pandharipande, Rakhi W Joshi, Mrinalini D Motlag, K. Nagpure, PP J

Doi :   Page No : 83-87

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10) Neck pain in computer users

Author : Aysha Siddiqua Kalim Khan, Mohammed Faizan

Doi :   Page No : 88-91

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11) Lifestyle disease risk behaviour among Medical Students in Central India

Author : Meenal Vinay Kulkarni

Doi :   Page No : 92-95

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12) Evaluation of results of combined Phacoemulsification and Pars Plana Vitrectomy

Author : Vinita Ramnani, Saroj Gupta, Gajendra Chawla, Vijay Kumar Ramnani

Doi :   Page No : 96-101

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13) Galactocele of Accessory Breast: USG and Elastographic Imaging: A case report

Author : Suresh Phatak, Akshat Shukla, Neeraj Patange, Mohiuddin Marfani Ghulam

Doi :   Page No : 102-103

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14) Spontaneous Monochorionic Quadramniotic Pregnancy: A case report

Author : Rasika Pise, Sulabha Joshi

Doi :   Page No : 104-106

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15) A case of primary Eyelid Tuberculosis: A rare entity

Author : Sudipta Chakrabarti, Senjuti Dasgupta, Supriya Sarkar

Doi :   Page No : 107-109

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16) A case of asymptomatic aortic aneurysm with saber sheath trachea, incidental findings

Author : Babaji D Ghewade, Smaran Cladius, Swapnil Chaudhari, Ulhas S Jadhav

Doi :   Page No : 110-112

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17) Secondary abdominal pregnancy following rupture of rudimentary horn: A case report

Author : Romi Bansal, Savita Somalwar

Doi :   Page No : 113-114

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