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Year 2019

Volume: 5 , Issue: 2

Santosh University Journal of Health Sciences

Management of Ectopically Erupted Traumatized Permanent Central Incisor: A Case Report

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Author Details: Anuradha Kumari, Asma Jabin, Sayantani Saha, Simi Philip

Volume : 2

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2455-1732

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Eruption of a tooth takes place in a predetermined path. However, if the path gets disrupted, the tooth erupts in absurd direction leading to ectopic eruption. Single tooth malocclusion is one of the most frequently encountered conditions in orthodontic practice. Traumatic injuries to these ectopically erupted teeth and its supporting structures in children and adolescents involving the crown portion of anterior teeth are very common occurrence. This could be due to various predisposing factors such as anterior position, over jet, gender, race, age and ethnicity predispose maxillary anterior teeth for dental trauma. Failure to treat ectopic eruption can result in loss of arch length, inadequate space for the succedaneous tooth, and malocclusion. The present case report highlights the various causes of ectopic eruption and emphasizes that such ectopically erupted and traumatize tooth can be managed by simple orthodontics.

Key Words:
Complicated crown fracture, Ectopic eruption of central incisor, Esthetic, Fixed orthodontics

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