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Occupational therapy management of non-specific low back pain: A randomized controlled trial

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Author Details: RK Sharma

Volume : 3

Issue : 1

Online ISSN : 2455-1732

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Article First Page : 16

Article End Page : 19


Non-specific low back pain is a common condition seen in clinical practice. But there is no conclusive evidence on management of this condition. For 10 - 40% of individuals with LBP, the pain becomes chronic and a significant burden on the health care systems. Unfortunately, 85% of LBP cases become classified as non-specific meaning that a definitive diagnosis cannot be found. This study evaluated Movement control exercise with the general exercise. Treatment outcomes were measured at baseline, post-treatment. 60 patients were equally divided into two groups. They were evaluated on pain, disability, isometric extensor strength, extensor endurance, cross sectional area of TrA muscle and flexibility.
Conclusion: Upon Comparing the groups, it was determined that the improvement in experimental i.e. motor control exercise group were more significant than control group (p< 0.05). The nonspecific low back pain has a very important component of motor control deficit. The improvement seen in experimental group is also clinically meaningful and hence can used for non-specific low back patients.

NSLBP, flexibility, TrA cross sectional area, Sorenson test, Strain gauge dynamometer, VAS scale, Motor control exercises

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