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Duties for Reviewer

Peer Review


Each reviewer must review the journal diligently and check that the manuscript fulfills the journal’s overall criteria. Remember that each reviewer is very significant for providing quality assistance to the editorial board. The needful comments of a reviewer can be of great help to the author for improving their paper.


A referee who feels to be unsuitable for the review of the assigned manuscript or thinks that he or she would not be able to provide a timely feedback should notify immediately so that review process can be accomplished well in time.


The reviewers should not disclose the documents to anyone but the Editor. Manuscripts received for review must be treated as confidential documents.

Fair Opinion

In case of any objection upon the material enclosed in the document, reason for disapproval must be stated clearly with supporting argument. Please avoid unnecessary criticism and make sure the judgments are made objectively without intrusion of any personal bias.

No Plagiarism

Reviewers must look carefully for the authenticity of the paper. In case the author has not been able to provide citation of any statement that has been reported elsewhere, the reviewer should ensure that citation has been provided. There is no space for plagiarized work in our journals.


Reviewers are not supposed to review papers of such authors with whom they have some sort of affiliation. There is no space for personal favours and connections since the review process is completed with full professional spirit.