Allegations and Misconduct Policy

Innovative Publication is aware of the potential impact of an allegation of ethical misconduct can have upon a researcher's career. All allegations and misconduct are taken seriously, and a full investigation will take place. The Editor of the affected journal should always be the first point of contact, and the Editor should be done clarification from all affected parties, in accordance with the COPE guidelines. Where the allegation is made against the Editor or a reviewer, this should be sent to, for further investigation.

Procedure to conduct the allegations and misconducts for any journal or article:

  • Fraud: Article submitted by the author is authentic or submitted article is fabricating a report or suppression or altering data.
  • Duplicate publication: is submitted article in any journal of Innovative Publication, again same submitted in another one journal of same or vice-versa, so article duplicity is there or not
  • Plagiarism: plagiarism is checked by our editorial staff with the software it tells is it original research or from where it copied and how much it is plagiarized by any published article
  • Self-plagiarism: republishing one’s own material that has previously been published elsewhere in the primary literature without citing the earlier publication.

All the allegations and misconducts of the article followed the principle of COPE


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