Conflict of Interest


For Authors:

All manuscripts for articles, original research article, review article, editorials, comments, book reviews and letters that are submitted to Innovative Publication’s journal(s) must be accompanied by a conflict of interest disclosure statement, or a declaration by the authors that they have no conflicts of interest to declare. All articles that are published in Innovative Publication’s journal(s) will be accompanied by a conflict-of-interest disclosure statement, or a statement that the authors have replied that they have no conflicts of interest to declare.
Authors should also disclose to editors any conflict of interest that may have influenced either the conduct or the presentation of research, including but not limited to close relationships with those who might be helped or hurt by the publication, academic interests and rivalries, and any personal, religious or political convictions relevant to the topic at hand.
In the paper, authors should include a draft statement that discloses all relevant conflicts of interest and affiliations. Relevance for financial conflicts of interest with private firms is defined as a relationship of any value with a firm with a stake in the subject of the manuscript, or its competitors. Relevance for patents is defined as any invention or pending invention connected in any way to the subject.

Any financial relationship of any size should be disclosed. These Potential conflicts of interest in relation to your submitted manuscript could include:

  1. Direct employment, either full or part-time;
  2. Grants and research funding Consultancies;
  3. Travel grants, speaking fees, writing fees and other honoraria;
  4. Advocacy group;
  5. Patents granted, whether or not generating royalties;
  6. Stock ownership, investment in related “sector” funds, or stock options;
  7. Membership on private sector scientific or other advisory boards, whether paid or unpaid.

In addition, any current negotiations regarding future employment or current job offers, either full- or part-time, must be disclosed.

Non-Financial Conflicts of Interest:
These may be personal, political, or intellectual and may include any expression of strongly held views relevant to the subject of the submission. Disclosable non-financial conflicts of interest would also include membership or affiliation with non-governmental organizations that have an interest in the submission.

For Editor in Chief, Editors, and Peer Reviewers:
As a general rule, Innovative Publication’s journal(s) should require that all senior editorial personnel (editors in chief, managing editors, full-time assistant editors) avoid all financial relationships that might constitute a conflict of interest. Editorial managers should also avoid personal, political, or intellectual entanglements, organizational or otherwise, that could be construed as establishing a particular bias that might influence one’s judgments. Editors who maintain financial ties with companies or institutions that have an interest in the content of a journal undermine the editorial independence that is crucial to a journal’s credibility. Requiring editors to remain conflict-of-interest free assures rejected authors that bias or potential bias did not enter into the editorial decision to reject their manuscript.
Peer reviewers have traditionally remained anonymous. Whatever the journal’s policy, peer reviewers and articles editors should follow the same rules as authors for disclosing conflicts of interest. This gives editors the tools they need to ensure that peer review panels for individual papers are fairly balanced.

Manuscript will be published only if Conflict of Interest information will be in a published statement.

You should also include a relevant disclosure statement with your article, in conjunction with any acknowledgements and details of funders.

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