Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process:

Peer review process increases the robustness of the paper and increases the quality of the paper It is the process in which subject related expertise review the paper and suggest the modifications if required which is done by the related authors which increases quality of article and journal. IP Innovative Publication Pvt. Ltd. carries double blind review process in which authors and the reviewers are not aware from each other, which does not include any partiality which is beneficial for authors as well as reviewers. Every article submitted to the journal is subjected to strict plagiarism check through software.

  • Submission of article
  • First rejection criteria
  • Plagiarism check
  • Sent to the reviewer
  • Send to the editorial board member
  • Accepted
  • Selection for publication
  1. Submission of article:

Article submitted by the author should be according to the authors guidelines, like in research article there should be maximum 4000 words, a case report should contain maximum 3000 words, etc. for complete guidelines click here.

  1. First rejection:

All guidelines will be checked by editorial team member, if there is any correction required then it will be send back to the author(s) or reject the paper, if all will be fulfil then it will be proceed for the next step.

  1. Plagiarism check:

When article will attain complete above criteria after that plagiarism of article will be checked by the editor, if plagiarism report will not fulfil our criteria then it will send to the author for re-write / modification for plagiarized part or it will be rejected by the editor or vice-versa.

  1. Sent to reviewer:

After completion of all requirements, article will be sent to the reviewer who will be subject related expertise. If reviewer suggests any corrections then it will be follow this path.

  1. Send to the editorial board member:

After accomplish of above criteria if the article will be accepted by the first reviewer then it forward to the editorial member. If corrections required then send again to author otherwise accepted or rejected.

  1. Accepted:

If article will be accepted then author get the acceptance letter, on the submission of copyright form, ethical committee reports etc.

  1. Select for publication:

After acceptance of article it will be selected for publication and assign acceptance letter to author.


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