Plagiarism Policy

Authors should be aware that the IP Innovative Publication Pvt. Ltd. uses plagiarism detector software, to ensure originality and integrity of material published in the journal. If plagiarized contained more than 25 % the author may be asked to rewrite the manuscript.  Plagiarism can be said to have clearly occurred when large numbers of text have been copy and pasted without appropriate and unambiguous attribution. The use of copied sentences, even when present within quotation marks, is highly discouraged. Instead, the information of the original research should be expressed by the new manuscript author’s own words, and a proper citation given at the end of the sentence. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and manuscripts will be rejected or papers withdrawn after publication based on unethical actions by the authors. In addition, authors may be sanctioned for future publication. When someone presents works of other data, tables, figures, contents etc. as if they were publish his/her own and without proper reference or acknowledgements.


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