Publication Ethics

Innovative Publication follows the Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines and flowcharts for handling matters of publishing ethics allegations both pre- and post-publication.

Procedure for the publication ethics which is followed by Innovative Publication:

  1. Authority of the article:

      Authority of an article with authors:

  • Who make their all efforts for making a scientific original paper, all the contents of the paper is based on his own research.
  • If any correction required then he will only revise their paper.
  • Complete contribution will be their till paper publishing, including references.

Authority of an article with multiple authors:

There should a corresponding author with in the all authors, they must be decided who will be the corresponding author.

  • Contribution will be all the authors in making an article/paper is in scientific manner
  • If any correction/ revision required then contribution will be of all the authors
  • Till the article publishes, including references all authors will be responsive.
  1. Plagiarism of the article:

                 Plagiarism is an act of fraud, where person still someone else work and ideas and present it as their own work, in the given paper there should not be plagiarism, this is the second criteria for reject or revision of the paper.                                  

  1. Duplication of an article:

        One paper is submitted in any journal it is again submitting in other Journal in the same publication, so, duplicity should not be of any article if it will be then that paper will be rejected.

  1. Image uprightness:

Images / pictures should not be plagiarized and it should be in JPEG Format and clear to understand.

  1. Pre-publication ethics:

Before published of an article same article should not be present in any conferences or it not be published in any other publication house or journal. Otherwise it will contribute in the rejection of the paper.

  1. Corrigendum policy:

An erratum refers to a correction of errors introduced to the article by    the publisher.  A corrigendum refers to a change to their article that the author wishes to publish at any time after acceptance. Authors    should contact the Editor of the journal, who will determine the impact of the change and decide on the appropriate course of action. Innovative Publication will only instigate a corrigendum to a published article after receiving approval and instructions from the editor.


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