Publication and Editorial Policy

This policy describes guidelines in the publication process of our journals. Journal adopts and strive to adhere to the following standards and requirements:

We aspire to select manuscripts, through the highest quality peer review. Publications should strictly seek original work that has not been previously published or currently not under review at another journal/conference.

Good research should be well justified, well planned, and appropriately designed so that it can properly address the research question. A manuscript should publish based on the copyright that constitutes authorship. All authors are responsible for the quality, accuracy, and ethics of the work. Republication of a manuscript in another language, or simultaneously in multiple journals with different audiences, may be acceptable, provided that there is full and prominent disclosure of its original source at the time of submission of the manuscript.

Peer review is fundamental to the scientific publication process and the dissemination of knowledge and information. It should be experts in the specific topic addressed in the manuscripts they review and should be selected for their objectivity and scientific knowledge. Reviews will be expected to be professional, honest, courteous, prompt, and constructive. The submitted manuscript is a privileged communication; reviewers must treat it as confidential. It should not be retained or copied.

Editorial Decisions should be precise. If a published manuscript is subsequently found to have errors or major flaws, the Editor should take responsibility for promptly correcting the written record in the publication. Quality and other performance characteristics of editors should be periodically assessed.


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