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Innovative Publication editorial selection policy decision based on editorial member subject area and scope of journal and member specialty. Selection of journal editorial board is co-operation with publishing content engaged with editorial progress of the journals update and include them on editorial development. Editorial board involved through an annual general meeting decision. Journal performance and suggest possible strategies for high quality articles to innovative journals that are able to maintain the publishing standard of specific subject.

Working with innovative publication editorial board, papers may be divided into basis of subject specializations, type of contributions, such as original article, case report, review article and equal division of research work after completion of peer review process of manuscript. Multiple editors may have different roles, depending on the journals, publishing content will be able to advice editorial board role consists of expertise in subject matter, decision of reviewing and  submitted manuscript.

Innovative Publication don’t have any ideal size for an editorial board. Its depend on subject and journals, geographical location appear on editorial board and its representative should be appointed from research institutes. Members should represent complete range to subject areas cover by the journals scope. Non-editorial board member reviewers whose review are high standard and who have shown interest in the direction of the journal, prestigious figureheads who might not always be very active but whose name might attract submissions of manuscript. Asking existing board members to suggest any of their peer whom they consider would be a benefit. Board member who retire themselves will usually be happy to make suggestion. Editorial board members know as editorial advisory board team of individuals in the journals field. Some individuals may also belong to the editorial boards of other journals.




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